Some short stories I wrote:


"I have to wake up form this nightmare", this is the first thought I had after my mind came back, I would like to say "after I opened my eyes" but, I wasn't able to see at all. Was I blind? Souds, I heard indistincted sounds. "Taste me", a whisper. I needed oxygen desperately, I opened my mouth and I found a kiss that tasted like the whole world, from hate to passion, from sea to rust, from London to remote islands, feelings and images in a endless falling, now i can breath again, now I can see again.

The Door Fairy

I Woke up under a cold alluminium sky, streets covered by too many footprints, not a sweet mess. "hey! I'm here!". A light, a soft breeze made by sun rays, warm and refreshing. A minute figure, red, plastic like with white robotic features: "please choose a place in the world". "A beach, I feel a beach and the red of a lighthouse, the soft pace of the sea". "One day, the see will overwhelm you, drow a door with this pastel and you'll go there". The minute figure and her fairy light vanished but the red pastel remained.

Dark and Stormy

On a summer shooting-star night-out we were sitting in front of the Elementary School entrance. In a small bag we took pillows and covers to gaze the stars. It was a calm night. There was a powerful, white light; something close to a sunrise. Suddenly the moon raised from the back of the school like a cold ball of light. The moon was so close it felt like I could touch it. The sky changed, it started raining, from a thin rain to a stormy shower, we ran under the rain, kissing and dancing to the Giant Rock.